Ylem Energy (www.ylemenergy.com) has over thirty-years’ experience in owning and operating specialist, independent gas-fired generation systems. Utilising its extensive knowledge, the company is installing generation and battery energy storage systems both in front of and behind its clients’ electricity meters to lower bills and support the UK’s move towards a low-carbon electricity network.

Ylem Energy has developed a Dynamic Power Purchase Agreement (DPPA) that brings together the benefits from its various technologies to form fully-financed, flexible generation and storage solutions. Every aspect of a DPPA project is managed in-house – from the initial planning, design and construction through to the operation and long-term maintenance – ensuring that the systems will lower costs, improve resilience and help balance the grid.

Harewood Whin
In June 2019, Ylem Energy commissioned a fully-funded battery energy storage system at the Harewood Whin landfill site on the outskirts of York. This is the very first time that battery energy storage and landfill gas generation systems have been brought together in the UK in order to maximise the energy output from the landfill site’s green gas.

Rated at 1MW and storing 1.2MWh of energy, the Harewood Whin hybrid generation and storage system optimises the renewable energy produced by storing the electricity so that it is available for rapid deployment when required. This energy will be used across a range of revenue streams including power trading markets, ancillary services including National Grid’s Frequency Response programme and will be early participant in accessing the Balancing Mechanism as a smaller-scale distribution-connected asset.

Ylem Energy is fully committed to continue developing these fully-funded, flexible energy generation and storage solutions. This is being done to enable industrial and commercial customers to improve their energy efficiency, lower costs, boost their sites’ resilience and assist the balancing of the UK’s electricity network.

To find out more, please visit www.ylemenergy.com