With Combined Heat and Power from Centrica Business Solutions, your organisation can have a cost efficient power plant in the basement, on the roof, or even in the car park.

How do we make it happen?

  1. Data Collection
    We review your current electricity and gas consumption to assess the suitability of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) for your business.
  2. Initial Feasibility Study
    We calculate the feasibility of a CHP project designed for the specific needs of your organisation.
  3. On-site review
    We determine the specific installation options and costings.
  4. Implementation
    We design and install the CHP unit on your premises in the best possible location.

The benefits of CHP:

  • CHP gives you a secure and stable energy supply helping to keep your operations running
  • CHP can reduce your site’s energy costs by up to 25%, generating savings you can apply to other areas of your organisation
  • CHP can help to reduce energy consumption and emissions, supporting you with your compliance efforts
    To learn more about how CHP can improve the energy performance of your organisation,