SES Business Water is the trading name of Sutton and East Surrey Water Services Ltd. They deliver
high quality water and wastewater retail services to businesses across England and Scotland, from
major industrials and high street retailers to small and medium size enterprises. Since the English
water market opened in April 2017, SES Business Water has been at the forefront of product
innovation and market switching.
SES Business Water is part of the East Surrey Holdings group of companies, which has over
150 years’ experience in water supply and billing.

Pub & Restaurant Chain

  • Number of sites = 725
  • Spend £3.6 Million
  • Saved £95k = 3%
  • 11 Suppliers to 1
  • Reduced number of bills and payments to 12
  • Every site monthly read

Benchmarking identified sites with:

  • Significant leakage
  • Excessive consumption
  • Site audits confirmed significant savings potential