Profiting from Demand Side Flexibility and Storage


By Eddie Proffitt, Technical Director, MEUC



This is the second edition of this guide, produced collaboratively between the MEUC and National Grid. Much has changed since the first edition. Perhaps most notably reflected in the updated title – Demand Side Flexibility and Storage. Whist Demand Side Response (DSR) remains a key area of focus and part of National Grid’s toolkit to balance the GB electricity system on a second-by-second basis, demand side opportunities are evolving at pace to include energy storage and distributed generation.

The purpose of this book is to show how consumers can profit from being flexible with their electricity demand and take advantage of the benefits that developments in battery storage can now offer.

The term “demand side flexibility” covers the rapidly developing areas of demand side response schemes, storage and distributed generation. This book focuses on the options business customers have to reduce their electricity costs by changing their pattern of consumption and benefiting from reduced transmission charges and payments from established industry schemes.