Birmingham-based renewable energy company, Bryt Energy, has collaborated with Eos Energy Storage and Connected Energy to develop and roll out a pioneering and financially competitive battery technology in the UK. The EU’s first Zinc hybrid battery system will be tested under UK conditions before being targeted at universities for research purposes. It is expected that the first EU certified system will be provided to the UK Industrial and Commercial market next year.

The Eos system is revolutionary in the energy industry and has the potential to be the most competitive and low-cost battery in the market. It has a high energy to power ratio, enabling greater flexibility during peak load periods, and is long-lasting and safe. Its low hazard risk makes it particularly suitable for COMAH sites (Control of Major Accident Hazards) as well as the Industrial and Commercial market. It’s also ethically sourced and environmentally friendly; at the end of its life, parts can either be reused, recycled or safely disposed of.

As well as the safety and ethical benefits, customers can take advantage of the battery’s economic potential, which includes grid service income, peak shaving and capacity charge avoidance, all optimised by Bryt Energy using pioneering software and technology. Guaranteeing energy resilience, businesses can gain energy security, avoid grid capacity restrictions and make the most of their on-site generation. For the UK in general, the technology allows more renewable energy onto the grid, reducing energy prices and helping the move towards a low carbon future.

US-based Eos Energy Storage has been developing Zinc hybrid batteries at its New Jersey facility since 2008. After successfully deploying batteries in the US, India and South America, Eos has worked with Bryt Energy to introduce the pioneering, low cost technology to UK customers. The collaboration also involves Connected Energy, who will adapt their power control and management technology for the Eos system. Connected Energy will ensure the AC system is compliant and EU certified and will be testing the integrated system towards the end of 2019.

Bryt Energy will provide the Eos battery system to the UK market as part of an innovative package, supplying zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity with options for on-site generation and optimisation solutions. Together they can be uniquely combined to maximise the value for customers. The battery system is also being developed to integrate with Electric Vehicle Charging and Demand Side Management solutions.

Geoff Thomas, Managing Director of Bryt Energy Storage, said: “Battery storage is a key component of decarbonising the UK’s energy system. Not only does it provide significant business and environmental benefits to our customers, it really helps secure energy supply when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. At Bryt Energy, we’re passionate about leading British businesses to embrace a low carbon future and our pioneering battery technology takes us one step closer to this goal.”

Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, said, “There will be no ‘silver bullet’ for energy storage. Different solutions will be required for a range of applications, so we are very excited about working with Eos technology alongside our 2nd life battery systems; two solutions with high sustainability credentials.”

Joe Mastrangelo, CEO Eos Energy Storage, said, “Eos is proud to partner with Bryt Energy and Connected Energy to bring safe, sustainable, and scalable zinc-based energy storage to the UK market.”

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Bryt Energy, part of the Statkraft Group, is a passionate, future-focused energy company, on a mission to take their community on a carbon-reducing journey. Bryt Energy’s power is zero carbon
and 100% renewable, using only Wind, Hydro and Solar energy sources to power British businesses.

Whether it be on-site generation, battery storage or optimisation controls, Bryt Energy are at the forefront of the clean energy technology revolution with solutions that maximise value from customers’ electricity supply contracts.

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