The 2018 MEUC Member of the Year Award, kindly and generously sponsored by Burges Salmon.

The Judges: Nick Churchward, of Burges Salmon and Jeremy Nicholson from the Energy Intensive Users’ Group, and Peter Roper from MEUC were delighted to present the Award to Richard Eaton of Aggregate Industries.

The Judges said:
“Richard’s entry demonstrated a clear strategy for delivering energy and carbon management and showed the results that can be achieved. It was impressive to see the range of technologies and market mechanisms that Aggregate Industries is participating in with Richard’s assistance as well as a recognition of some of the “lower hanging fruit” of demand reduction and bill/taxation validation.”


The judges had a really tough job separating out three particular entries, so it was decided that two other entries should be given the honour of being Highly Commended. Those two entries were:

Philipp Erdman, of Palm Paper.
The Judges said:
“This entry was strong on responsibilities, and a good example of securing a major energy investment in challenging circumstances. strong on responsibilities. The £55m CHP plant at King’s Lynn was an impressive achievement and a material investment by Palm in UK energy infrastructure.”

Phil Dyke of NEC Group.
The judges said:
“Phil’s submission was a compelling case study for those looking for energy and carbon saving projects at the lower end of the technology scale and demonstrated clearly the carbon and cost savings that can be achieved by focusing on some of the low capex, high return solutions like LED replacement.”

A Special MEUC Award was also presented at the Summer Policy Group Meeting on 12th June 2018

Peter Roper, CEO of MEUC said “This special Award goes to an individual whose fabulous contribution, to the MEUC over the past couple of years year and in particular his work in creating a highly successful training book is outstanding.

“He is one of our longest standing members, having joined in the very early days of the MEUC some 32 years ago. Not only during that time has he contribution to his own organisation’s successes in fuel purchasing and/or energy and carbon management, he has been a regular at our many varied meetings offering others the benefit of his many years of experience.

“This individual, is due to retire fairly soon, but I am pleased to say that he will not be sitting in his garden watching the weeds grow, but has agreed to work with the MEUC part time to help develop our on-going training programme.

“If you haven’t yet worked it out I am pleased and delighted to present the MEUC Training Academy, Lifetime Achievement Award to Alan Burgess of South West Water.