Lightsource BP is a global leader in the funding, development and long-term management of solar PV projects. Our organisation represents a strategic and powerful partnership which is set to further accelerate the low-carbon transition and boost the growth of solar power worldwide.

Our revenue model is focused on capturing value throughout the life of the asset, integrating in-house development, operational management and asset financing expertise to optimise competitiveness. Our goal is to play a vital role in shaping the future of global energy delivery by deploying at least 8GW of solar capacity worldwide in the next five years, based on a develop and operate strategy.

Dunsfold Park

Best known as home to the BBC’s ‘Top Gear’ race track, Dunsfold Park attracted interest in 2012 as the first business park in Surrey to be powered entirely by ‘green energy’. Lightsource BP installed 8,500 ground level solar panels at Dunsfold aerodrome, wired into the facility behind the metre, allowing the businesses to purchase renewable energy via a Power Purchase Argeement (PPA).

The PPA between Dunsfold Park and Lightsource BP offers a secure source of renewable energy for 20 years, at a fixed, index-linked price, allowing the consumer price visibility in a period characterised by severe price hikes. By sourcing clean solar electricity, locally generated by Lightsource BP, Dunsfold Park is able to hedge against future uncertainty, as well as completing their objective to be the first business in Surrey to run solely on renewable energy.

The placing of the solar panels make it possible for the electricity generated during working hours to be used by businesses at Dunsfold Park and, at weekends and times of high supply, for the excess ‘green energy’ to be fed back into the National Grid. The capacity of the system is 2MW, sufficient energy to supply approximately 660 households. At the time of installation, Dunsfold Park was the only utility scale solar installation in Surrey, spearheading a gradual shift towards long-term sources of energy and corporate focus on sustainability.

“Sustainability – and the green agenda – is the foundation on which we continue to build our business,” comments Jim McAllister, Chief Executive, Dunsfold Park Limited. “Our focus on green technologies that help to reduce the aerodrome’s carbon footprint is coming to fruition. Not only will businesses in Dunsfold Park benefit from the solar energy but we have the opportunity to widen the supply in due course.”

Nick Boyle, group CEO of Lightsource BP, says: “Our solar scheme at Dunsfold Park is a prime example of how commercial property owners can benefit from leasing otherwise underutilised space to Lightsource BP whilst cutting energy bills with no expenditure and no adverse impact on existing business activity. Our utility scale PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) are attractive because they provide pricing certainty coupled with a significant reduction in energy bills to our clients within the industrial/commercial sectors in meeting their high electricity demands.”