Lightsource BP is a global leader in the funding, development and long-term management of solar PV projects. Our organisation represents a strategic and powerful partnership which is set to further accelerate the low-carbon transition and boost the growth of solar power worldwide.

Our revenue model is focused on capturing value throughout the life of the asset, integrating in-house development, operational management and asset financing expertise to optimise competitiveness. Our goal is to play a vital role in shaping the future of global energy delivery by deploying at least 8GW of solar capacity worldwide in the next five years, based on a develop and operate strategy.


In 2012, Lightsource BP funded, developed, connected and now operate a 5MW solar farm in Cambridgeshire, supplying green electricity to waste management company AmeyCespa through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) lasting 25 years. By sourcing electricity from Lightsource BP, AmeyCespa are able not only to boost their sustainability credibility, but also to save significant amounts of money on their energy costs. Lightsource BP supplies energy at a fixed, index-linked rate, allowing AmeyCespa to hedge against market uncertainty, and to protect their energy costs from sudden price hikes or fluctuations in the market.

The installation powering AmeyCespa, Chittering Solar Farm, is comprised of over 20,000 solar panels for a total installed capacity of 5MW. This large scale solar farm generates up to 4552MWh annually, harnessing enough energy to support up to 1,200 homes without any noise or pollution.

This large scale solar farm is situated in a discreet location and is not visible from the main road.
The renewable electricity generated is then supplied to AmeyCespa, located 3km away. It is estimated that at peak generation times, the plant provides enough ‘green’ electricity to power over 70% of AmeyCespa’s facilities, resulting in significant cost savings.