MEUC Member, Numatic, have been adapting their production processes to undertake the manufacture of much-needed PPE items as well as providing access to their full range of products.

In a response to a ‘how is COVID-19 affecting your business’, enquiry MEUC sent out to members, I received an email highlighting the changes Numatic were making and the help they were providing to local NHS Trusts, Medical Centres, Care Homes, Councils and Funeral Directors as well as to the various Nightingale Hospitals.

The production and distribution of PPE includes gloves, face masks, safety goggles and visors, plus the additional offer of a free loan of a range of floorcare machines and trolleys is providing a critical service during this crisis and it continues to ramp up and develop. It is also understood that a Ventilator designed by Numatic engineers has been successfully completed and it is anticipated to be held in reserve to be called on if needed.

For more information please visit where you will find additional details.

With acute business challenges taking place, from staff and products through to coping with shut down issues, it is great to hear and draw attention to companies rising to the challenges of the current crisis.

Whilst we are here to support each other, we would also like to share your story of support to the UK during these times for distribution around our membership, so please get in touch.