ESB Smart Energy Services partnered with Ardagh Group to deliver a best-in-class energy solution, that enabled them to optimise their power usage onsite at its glass manufacturing plant in Irvine, Scotland. As a company committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable manufacturing processes, Ardagh Group needed a partner that understood its mandate for a low-carbon future and could deliver a project at scale.

THE CHALLENGE: As a large manufacturing facility with a global roster of clients, the Irvine facility requires a large amount of energy to support its near-constant production. Due to the infrastructure of the High Voltage supply network, the Irvine plant is susceptible to voltage dips, which have the potential to impact the company’s production.

THE ASK: Ardagh Group needed a solution that would reduce the plant’s reliance on the grid and support voltage levels in the event of a power dip.

We needed a cost-efficient, 100% effective battery storage solution capable of supporting our operational requirements and reducing the plant’s reliance on the grid, as well as its environmental impact. ESB Smart Energy Services delivered.” – Annelene Fisser, CSR & Sustainability Manager, Ardagh Group

THE SOLUTION: ESB Smart Energy Services were tasked to manage the installation and implementation of a 2-MegaWatt battery storage solution, designed to alleviate pressure on the grid during peak consumption times and store energy when less is needed.
The battery’s capacity to provide plant resilience during voltage dips offers a more reliable supply of energy. In collaboration with GridBeyond, when excess energy stored by the battery is not required, GridBeyond’s demand-side response delivers energy back to the National grid.
This is the largest battery project delivered by Tesla in the UK and is the first “behind the meter” battery providing National Grid’s Firm Frequency Response (FFR) service, and the only one at a glass plant in Europe. This pioneering technology and Ardagh Group’s open approach to new technology is paving the way for a sustainable future.

THE TECHNOLOGY: A grid-optimising platform operated by GridBeyond leverages a 2-MegaWatt Tesla-made storage battery. With a 10-year warranty, Tesla’s battery offers a technological edge as well as investment security.

• Energy storage capacity secured.
• Avoidance of energy dips

• Energy security & supply resilience
• Greater control over energy usage & costs
• Industry-leading sustainability

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