Welsh-based engineering and technology innovators DeeR Technology have developed a new game-changing meter reading device which aims to deliver substantial savings and efficiencies for the water industry and its customers. In addition, the UK manufactured invention will enable commercial utility companies to better deliver on their sustainable water management policies.

A team of experienced and award-winning entrepreneurs are behind the development of the LimpetReader technology, an optical meter reading device that provides a more cost-effective meter reading solution than traditional Automated Meter Readers (AMR).

The device and its accompanying software system address the challenges that commercial water utilities are facing on two key fronts set by the government regulator OFWAT – improving on water leakage targets and providing accurate data collection for regular billing.

The business benefits of the LimpetReader include rapid installation; requires no wiring or interruption of supply; avoids inaccurate or estimated billing and regulatory fines; adoption even in the most inaccessible locations; can be retro-fitted to avoid the costly ripping out of old units; reduces time and resources required for meter reading; improves health and safety due to local and remote reading capability and contributes to a water sustainability programme.

Major water retailers including Wave and Castle Water, have completed field trials, with installations on-going in several locations across the country. End customers with large water consuming sites including Burton & Derby NHS, Gloucester NHS, BMW and Sunderland City Council have also successfully concluded trials.

The LimpetReader establishes a new standard for water meter reading services. Its sealed housing contains micro cameras which take photographic images which are then converted into digital readings and delivered via a secure data connection to the end user. The device, together with associated products, removes the need for human interaction to collect the data. The LimpetReader simplifies how commercial water meters are read at less than half the price of traditional automated reading solutions on the market.

Designed and developed by DeeR Technology founders Hugh Mort, who has 25 years of experience in industrial systems engineering and Dr Garry Jackson, an electronics engineering, product design and wireless communications expert. Additional technical and product development input has been provided by Dr. Gwyn Brooks, co-founder of global success story Sandvik/Osprey the market leader in the manufacture of highly alloyed products and metal injection moulding and entrepreneur and businessman Ian Brown. Both Brooks and Brown have been awarded MBE’s for their services to Industry. Combined, the four experienced industrial entrepreneurs have based this start-up in Port Talbot, Wales, where the LimpetReader is produced.

DeeR Technology’s Brooks, chairman of the business, comments: “Water companies, end users and other key stakeholders have worked closely with us in delivering this unique device that provides a solution to a problem the water industry has been crying out for. There has been a tremendous amount of investment in gas and electricity with SMART metering, but not in the commercial water industry, until now. I believe the LimpetReader will play an important role in helping the industry to deliver on its promises to a more efficient and sustainable water cycle.“

Why DeeR Technology and the LimpetReader is newsworthy:

• Water retailers are fined by the regulator for estimated billing. The pressure is on to provide accurate data collection. The LimpetReader and associated products provide a cost-effective solution.
• MOSL (the market operator of England’s non-household water market) states that 15% of all commercial water meters go unread for over 12 months posing serious financial implication for many water retailers. Many are unable to be read due to accessibility issues. The LimpetReader is able to strategically serve this need in the market.
• OFWAT is challenging all water companies to bring their leakage levels down by at least 15% by 2025 (an estimated three billion litres of water are lost through leakage every day—enough to fill 1,273 Olympic swimming pools). By providing accurate data collection, the LimpetReader solution can quickly identify when leakages/wastage is occurring.
• There is a seven strong group of entrepreneurs involved in the R&D and bringing to market of DeeR Technology’s LimpetReader. Between them they have two MBE’s, numerous export awards and many years of experience in industry, manufacturing and business.
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For further information please contact: Diana Whitehead at Diana.Whitehead@deertechnology.com or 07939 149887

DeerTechnology key founder’s biographies

Chairman – Dr. Gwyn Brooks: MBE, M.Sc. (Mech. Eng. + Heat Transfer) Gwyn has over 40 years industrial experience in the manufacture of metal salts and highly alloyed products for many hi-tech applications (e.g. aerospace; electronic packaging; automotive, defence etc.). Author of more than 20 published technical papers and numerous patents and was awarded MBE for Services to Industry 1990. Roles have also included M.D. of Mechema Chemicals Ltd., Port Talbot and Chairman of Neath Port Talbot Waste Management Company 1993/2005. Awards also include Queens Award for Exports 1975 and British Overseas Trade Board Export Award 1976. Co-founder and M.D. of a start-up company – Sandvik/Osprey Ltd., Neath 1974/2006 and also co-inventor of a patented metal spray-forming process – the Osprey Process. He was awarded the Queens Award for Export 1989. Brooks was also responsible for negotiating approx. 50 technology transfer licenses on a worldwide basis to many major corporations: e.g. Sumitomo Heavy Industries (Japan); General Electric (USA); Kobe Steel (Japan); Rolls-Royce (UK); Sandvik (Sweden); Mannesmann (Germany); Beijing Aeronautical Institute (China); Olin Corp. (USA); Alcan (UK); US Navy; etc.

Managing Director – Hugh Mort: B.Sc. (Industrial and Systems Engineering) Co-inventor of LimpetReader technology and co-founder of DeerTechnology, Hugh has over 25 years engineering experience – product design; metal processes; vehicle conversions and drive systems; radio frequency communications and associated electronics. Hugh was also co-founder and Managing Director of start-up company- Coolserv International Ltd.: solid-state cooling mini-bar system for use in hotels.

Research and Development Director – Dr Garry Jackson: B.Eng. (Electronic Eng.) Co-inventor of LimpetReader technology and co-founder of DeerTechnology. Garry has over 20 years’ experience in a wide range of electronics industries. Experience includes electronic product design: multi-disciplined hardware, firmware and algorithm design engineer as well as data logging systems; design of low-cost, high-reliability electronic products; low-cost image processing systems; wireless communication systems; ultra-low power system design and wireless communication systems.

Non-Executive Director – Ian Brown: MBE Over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing industries. Roles have included chief Buyer/Supplies Manager Aladdin Industries – 1700 employees: revenue expenditure £20m, General Manager National Standard Machinery Division. Ian was also owner of start-up company – Phillip Brown Fan Co. – high temperature industrial fans /air pollution control equipment and of Phillip Brown Industrial Products and The Safety Letterbox Co., Neath. In 2010 Ian was awarded MBE for Services to Business.