1st May 2019
At the offices of Macquarie Principal Finance
Ropemaker House, 28 Ropemaker Street, London EC2Y 9HD

MEUC Members – FREE
Limited places available

MEUC Members are invited to a special Academy day on May 1st when we will be taking you through the plans and procedures we have been developing to reduce energy risk for members and outlining practical steps for reducing your water consumption.

Setting and maintaining realistic energy budgets currently figure as principal concerns for many MEUC members with the generally accepted prognosis that this necessity is only going to get more difficult in the future.

For members’ using large volumes of water, advice on minimising water usage and charges is a growing issue, as well as understanding how reducing water consumption can provide savings on your energy and carbon costs.

The MEUC has long believed that in its role as a consumer network for larger users we should be in a position to help reduce these uncertainties by introducing some practical steps you can take.

You can see the ground we intend to cover in the programme and you can register via the form below or by emailing Caroline.Buckley@meuc.co.uk directly.

The venue and lunches are kindly being provided by Macquarie Principal Finance in their Board Room and we are looking forward to a ground-breaking and stimulating exchange of views as we lay the foundations for the practical support we can provide.

(If you cannot view the registration form below, please send an email to: claire.slade@meuc.co.uk or phone 0203 432 0333)



To register for this event simply fill out the form and we will email you with confirmation. (If you cannot view the registration form below, please send an email to: events@meuc.co.uk or phone 0203 432 0333)