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Members of the Major Energy Users’ Council (MEUC) become recipients of a purposeful supply of targeted news and information matched to the needs of busy energy buyers. One such publication is the dedicated monthly newsletter ENERGY SNAPSHOTS, produced by our associates WWAM Writers Ltd. and consisting entirely of bullet-point news reports covering UK and global energy-sector developments.

The twelve issues of the newsletter’s seventh year featured 1,196 reports (an average of 99.7 per month), with the UK accounting for 486 (41%) of them.

Comments about the newsletter include: * This is excellent. * Very useful. * Most helpful. * This is really good stuff. * A good and interesting read. * One of the few useful reports I receive, and * This is a valuable source of information.

The MEUC is a partner / sponsor of THE ENERGY EVENT, and welcomes enquiries from visitors to the exhibition. Call on us at stand D50, or alternatively visit our website:

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