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News update from Eddie Proffitt 25/2/10


Eddie Proffitt

1 - Natural Gas Production 2009

The output from UK natural gas fields in the North and Irish Seas dropped to 64.5 billion cubic meters in 2009. This is a 14% reduction compared with 2008.
The figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change web site also show that for the fourth quarter of 2009 the reduction was even greater at –18%. Imports for this quarter rose to 44% of the total demand.

2 - Langage, a new gas fired power station near Plymouth will be fully operational within a few weeks. Centrica said that the 900-megawatt gas-fuelled plant was in the final stages of testing and may start selling electricity at the end of the month. It was initially due to reach full commercial output in 2009, but problems with internal pipework have pushed this back, according to Centrica’s Web site.

Planning permission to build a gas fired power station was granted some 10 years ago but it wasn't till August 2004 that development began, following Centrica's acquisition of the site and permissions from Carlton Power Ltd.

3 - Tewkesbury Borough Council rejected an application by National Grid Plc to build a natural-gas pressure reduction station at Tirley in Gloucestershire, on the grounds that it would “blight the countryside.”
National Grid Gas plans to appeal the council’s decision to reject its application.

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