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Europeans now happier with nuclear plant safety - Hugh Conway


Hugh Conway

Most Europeans believe that nuclear power plants can be operated safely but still think they are a 'risk', according to an extensive Eurobarometer survey.

The results of the survey of 26,470 European citizens across all 27 European Union member states, carried out in September and October 2009, have now been published by the European Commission in a 168-page document, Europeans and Nuclear Safety.

The majority of respondents recognised the value of nuclear energy as a means of decreasing dependence on energy imports, ensuring more stable and competitive energy prices, and helping to limit climate change. In fact, 17% of Europeans felt that nuclear's share of electricity generation should be increased (up from 14% in a similar poll from 2006), on top of the 39% (up from 34%) who felt that nuclear's current share should be maintained. Notwithstanding, 34% felt that nuclear's share should be reduced (down from 39% in the 2006 poll).

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