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23/11/10 - News update from Eddie Proffitt


Eddie Proffitt

Smart meters.

The U.K. wants to accelerate the introduction of smart-power meters in the nation’s homes, completing installation as early as 2016.

The previous government’s 2020 target “was insufficiently ambitious,” Greg Barker, Britain’s minister for energy and climate change, said today. “We’d like to go to 2018 or 2016 if possible.” This is an ambitious target as there are 24 million domestic electricity meters and a further 20 million gas meters in the UK. To install just the electricity meters by 2016 will require 15,400 per working day from now until the end of 2016 (28,200 if gas were to be included).

Can we (or the German's) produce that many and have we enough trained installers, Eddie Proffitt asks?

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