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Meetings and Networking

Your annual MEUC subscription includes a season ticket for you and a colleague to attend the national and regional programme of MEUC meetings. Members value these not only for the expert presentations on topical issues but also for the opportunity to network with fellow Members exchanging experiences and ideas.

An MEUC expert will also visit your premises for an annual review meeting as part of the subscription. This enables you to raise issues of particular concern within a confidential environment and to hold a free and open discussion.

The review meetings also allow MEUC to report back on the organisation’s lobbying activities and official meetings recently attended. MEUC representatives sit on several Committees representing larger user interests including the Business Energy Forum chaired by either the Sceretary of State for Energy and Climate Change or a Minister.

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“The MEUC provides us with a useful source of industry information, heads up on the thinking behind legislation both in the UK and Europe, and puts our point of view across to various stakeholders.”

Roger M Low, Chartered Energy Manager, Defence Infrastructure Organisation



ASDA delighted with MEUC help - “The door opening and people access the MEUC provides is invaluable when key issues arise.”

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