Anglian Water Business, Grafham Water Treatment Works, Huntingdon


26 September 2012

Hosted by Anglian Water Business,
Grafham Water Treatment Works, Huntingdon

The next meeting of the Water Competition Action Group will bring together suppliers, customers, service providers and the Regulator to discuss the Water White Paper, the forthcoming Bill and what we all need to do to create an effective water market.

Provisional Agenda

09.00 Registration, coffee, bacon butties, meet and mingle

09.35 Responding to customer demands for competition. Setting up a new business brand.
Bob Wilson, Director, Anglian Water Business

09.55 Why I want competitive supplies.
David Olivant, Chairman, MEUC Water Competition Action Group and Procurement
Manager, Asda

10.05 Key lessons we must learn from Scotland’s water competition.
Mark Powles, Chief Executive, Business Stream

10.20 How the Regulator is addressing the key issues and envisaging the stumbling blocks.
Sonia Brown, Senior Director of Markets and Economics, OFWAT

10.40 Are the Customer Challenge Groups working? Ofwat asked all suppliers to set up liaison groups to get to grips with customers’ concerns. Have they done so?
Andrew Buckley, Director General, MEUC reveals the results of the MEUC’s research.

10.50 Will the Water Bill deliver what customers want? Customers give their views.

11.10 How customers can make life easier for us. Suppliers state their case.

11.30 Networking and refreshment break

12.00 The financial case for reducing your water consumption.
Bob Wilson, Director, Anglian Water Business

12.20 The speakers answer your questions and discuss the issues which concern them.

13.00 Lunch and more networking

13.45 How customers are reducing water consumption. Case histories from Neil Pendle, Managing Director, Waterscan; Cadantis; and Carl Roberts, New Business Development Director, Power Efficiency invited

14.30 Improving business billing, customer servicing and benefits anticipated in the new competitive market.
Jonathan Clarke, Head of Customer Services, Anglian Water Business

14.45 Tackling the bad debt problem. Bills could be lower if suppliers could reduce their bad debt provision. How do debts arise?
Chaired by David Olivant

15.15 Summing up – Andrew Buckley

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